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Immigrate to Canada – Express Entry

Express Entry is an online system used by Canadian government to manage applications for permanent residence.

There are certain requirements to meet to apply under this program. Some of these are:

The candidate must be eligible under one of economic program – FSW (Federal Skilled Worker), FST (Federal Skilled Trade) or CEC (Canadian experience class) to be eligible under this program. Once the candidate has met all the requirements then an express entry profile can be created.

How to check eligibility for Express entry?

There is official website to calculate CRS points provided by Canadian government.


How much is to apply Express Entry?

It is free to create and submit profile in pool. However, once you are invited to apply and requested to submit documents, you will require to pay CIC processing fee.

What are the documents required to apply Express Entry?

The candidate is required to submit various documents depending on the category of economic program. Some of these are as following:

  • Passport
  • Language Test
  • Education credential, if claiming points for foreign study
  • Experience reference letter (pay stubs, tax returns or any other supporting work experience)
  • Educational documents
  • Police Certificates
  • Medical

Am I eligible to apply for Express Entry from Quebec?

Yes, as long as you intend to live outside Canada.

What is the process of Express Entry?

  1. Create an Express Entry profile
  2. If minimum criteria (FSW/ FST/ CEC/ PNP applicable) is met, profile will be submitted into the EE pool
  3. Candidate will receive CRS points
  4. Candidates who exceed the CRS cut-off score will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR.
  5. If an ITA is received, must apply for PR within 60 days under the program ITA indicates (FSW/ FST/ CEC/ PNP).
  6. Must meet eligibility and admissibility requirements under IRPA

How to increase points in Express Entry?

  • LMIA supported job offer to obtain additional points
  • Get nominated for provincial nomination
  • Increase CLB level in Language test


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